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November 16, 2018
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All you need to know about Goa State Lotteries

By Shalini Singh

Goa State Lottery: History, Types of Lotteries and Results

Goa- “The coolest place in India” as the state government website claims, followed the footsteps of other states to approve Goa State lotteries for its people. Goa is one of the 13 states in the country which allow lotteries operation for its people.

The funds collected from the state lotteries are utilised for implementation of various welfare schemes designed especially for the poor and underprivileged and also in the maintenance of nursing homes and asylums in South Goa and North Goa.

A part of the fund is also used to run the Sanjay School for the Special children. It is an effort to join the special children – including the hearing impaired, partially blind, physically handicapped, mentally challenged, etc.  in the mainstream, especially in the education system.

Goa Lotteries: History

The introduction of the state lottery in Goa dates back to the year 1995.  The Directorate of State Lotteries in Goa was formed on 23/02/1995 to manage and look after its conduction and promotion.

In 2006, a new body was established while merging the Directorate of State Lotteries and National Savings Organization. The newly formed department was named as Directorate of Small Savings & Lotteries which came into the function on 01/04/2006.

In 2010, the state government appointed M/s. Sugal & Damani Enterprises Private Limited as their sole agent to operate online lotteries which came into the function from 10.05.2010.

Types of Lottery:

As per Directorate of Small Savings & Lotteries, Government of Goa has three schemes for its people, which are-

  • Everest Weekly Lottery
  • Mahalaxmi Ravivar Weekly Lotteries
  • Weekly Lottery Scheme

Usually, four lotteries under these schemes are drawn each day at set timings-

Weekly Lotteries


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Lottery Timing

Rajshree Rose Weekly Lottery

Rajshree Lily Weekly Lottery

Rajshree Cosmos Weekly Lottery

Rajshree Daisy Weekly Lottery

Rajshree Tulip Weekly Lottery

Rajshree Lotus Weekly Lottery

Rajshree Flora Weekly Lottery

11.55 AM

Rajshree Ganga Weekly Lottery

Rajshree Kaveri Weekly Lottery

Rajshree Gomti Weekly Lottery

Rajshree Tapi Weekly Lottery

Rajshree Hugli Weekly Lottery

Rajshree Tapti Weekly Lottery

Rajshree Ravi Weekly Lottery

4.00 PM

Everest Magic Som Weekly Lottery

Everest Mangal Weekly Lottery

Everest Budh Weekly Lottery

Everest Guru Weekly Lottery

Everest Shukra Weekly Lottery

Everest Shani Weekly Lottery

Everest Ravi Weekly Lottery

4:30 PM

Rajshree Lion Weekly Lottery Rajshree Tiger Weekly Lottery Rajshree Camel Weekly Lottery Rajshree Dove Weekly Lottery Rajshree Jaguar Weekly Lottery Rajshree Horse Weekly Lottery Rajshree Oyster Weekly Lottery

8.00 PM


The Goa lotteries results are published in local newspapers, Official Gazette and on department’s official website-

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