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November 16, 2018
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All you need to know about Sikkim State Lotteries

By Shalini Singh

Lotteries in Sikkim

One of the smallest states of India, Sikkim is located in the northeastern part of the country in the eastern Himalayas. One of the 13 states of India where the buying and selling of lotteries are allowed, Sikkim was the pioneer in the development of online gambling in the state. It laid a firm foundation for the smooth operation of lotteries where its citizens could engage themselves in online lotteries and paper lotteries. It is also one of the first states to permit lotteries. Sikkim State Lotteries being one of the most popular lotteries with draws held frequently, as much as two or three times a day.

The government of Sikkim has legalized gambling within the state and has reaped benefits over time. They have witnessed a surge in tax revenues, increased employment and a decline in crime rates after the legalization. However, the CAG (Comptroller and Auditor) report which conducted surveys, issued questionnaires and analyzed the reports of the Sikkim lotteries found that the state has not devised any revenue model for ensuring the realization of a reasonable share of the sales turnovers as its share revenues. It recommended the state to lay down a workable revenue model for ascertaining the chunk of sale proceeds which should come to the government for utilizing the revenues in carrying out welfare activities in the state.

Lotteries are popular in the state and the draws of various lottery schemes are carried out twice or thrice a day. It also keeps releasing Bumper Lotteries for its citizens from time to time.

History of Lottery in Sikkim

Sikkim is considered one of the most liberal states in terms of gambling laws in India. It issued a memorandum on 4 March 2009 by the name of Sikkim Online Gaming Regulation Rules, 2009 following up on the Sikkim Online Gaming Regulation Act 2008.

Lotteries are excluded from the parlance of gaming legislation as the states are free to promote and conduct lotteries abiding by the Central Lotteries laws according to Lotteries Regulation Act, 1998.

It conducts Playwin lottery across India which is the state’s most successful lotteries promoted by Essel Group through Pan India India Network Ltd. The presence of an online lottery in the state has enabled the revenues from lottery soar from 1 per cent to 20 per cent.

The Process

Several permutations and combinations are involved in the win of a lottery. Although playing the lottery is a game of chance,  it does not mean that it doesn’t involve skill of any sort. One can take a scientific and a mathematical approach to choose winning lottery numbers. Applying a few tricks such as choosing frequently picked numbers and acknowledging that each number has an equal chance of being drawn, one can boost the chances of his winning.

The Sikkim state lotteries draw a Bumper lottery every Saturday where the citizens get a chance to try their luck and win a whopping 21 Lakhs as the prize amount.

Prize structure of Sikkim State Lotteries

The BigWin Jackpot draw takes place every Saturday at 6 pm. Its tickets cost Rs. 10 and it can be brought from convenience stores, lottery centres or licensed lottery retailers. The first draw for this scheme took place on 13 October 2018.

Weekly Lotteries

BigWin Jackpot


Sikkim state lottery also keeps drawing bumper lotteries from time to time to give its citizens reasons to rejoice.

Here is the Prize structure of the weekly lotteries.


1st Prize 21.00 Lakhs/-

Cons. Prize 1 Lakhs/-

(Remaining all serials)

2nd Prize 10 Lakhs/-

3rd Prize 5 Lakhs/-

4th Prize 1000 /-

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